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Student Voice & Leadership

We believe that authentic student voice is when student voices are not only included, but centered and prioritized in the decision making processes about issues that shape their lives, and the lives of their peers.

Student Voice & Leadership

Our Mission

Denver Public Schools Student Voice and Leadership programs transform all DPS students and school cultures by nurturing the whole child, supporting youth-adult partnerships and leveraging community assets. We help students and teachers discover their core strengths and apply those strengths in real world experiences.

Whole child goals

Student Voice & Leadership supports the Denver Public Schools Whole Child Goals initiative. In DPS, we are committed to providing equitable and inclusive environments where we ensure students are Healthy, Supported, Engaged, Challenged, Safe, and Socially and Emotionally Intelligent.

Deeper Learning

Deeper Learning experiences allow students to develop these critical competencies:

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving:
Students consider a variety of approaches to produce innovative solutions.

Effective Communication:
Students demonstrate skills in active listening, clear writing, and persuasive presentation.

Students work with their peers, assume leadership roles, resolve conflicts, and manage projects.

Self-Directed Learning:
Students use teacher feedback to monitor and direct their own learning, both in and out of the classroom.

Learning Mindset:
Students feel a sense of belonging and the motivation to persist through their school work.

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Student Voice & Leadership



Young African American Latino Leaders is a student led organization that addresses the inequities present in DPS through actions that motivate and empower young our peers.


The DPS Student Board of Education, enhances the performance of our schools by promoting student voice and leadership, building powerful relationships among students and between students and adults, creating a positive environment, and fostering our school and district goals.

Challenge 5280

Throughout the school year, Student Board of Education leaders engage in implementing change through Challenge 5280, a student leadership competition. Students develop innovative policy arguments to make their school communities more equitable, and, in turn, to advocate for social justice.

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