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YAALL: Young African American & Latinx Leaders

The Young African American & Latinx Leaders program is a student led organization that addresses the systemic inequalities in DPS that perpetuate the school-to-prison-pipeline through policy reform, and education.

The YAALL Mission

“Young African American Latinx Leaders is a student led organization that addresses the inequities present in DPS through actions that motivate and empower young our peers.”


Our History

The program was born out of a request by both the community and the district to include student voice at the table when seeking solutions to the systemic and cultural crisis that continues to disenfranchise and marginalize African American, Latino, and Indigenous students, educators, and administrators within DPS. This program exclusively serves students who identify as African American, American Indian, Latino/Chicano, or otherwise identify as a person-of-color.

2016 Founding Leaders:

Peter Lubembela, Noel Community Arts School, Class of 2017
Aingkhu Ashemu, Denver School of the Arts, Class of 2017
Elijah Wright, Manual HS, Class of 2017
Jua Fletcher, Denver South, Class of 2018


Utilizing the SVL action civics model, YAALL representatives learn to analyze policy, conduct independent research, and propose policy solutions in order to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, and close the opportunity gap. In addition to youth-led policy solutions and advocacy, YAALL representatives provide consultation to the Board of Education, the Office of the Superintendent, and city officials.


Microaggressions in the Classroom is a student-led YAALL training for DPS educators to unlearn certain actions and language that isolates students-of-color, and perpetuates the school-to-prison-pipeline. The training equips educators to become better allies in the classroom and school community by providing them with practical tools to create a more inclusive, equitable learning environment in order to better nurture and advocate for students-of-color.

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Student Voice & Leadership



YAALL is a district youth civic action team born out of the request from both the community and the district to have student voice at the table when seeking solutions to the current crisis in African-American and Latino and Indigenous administration, teachers, staff and students in Denver Public Schools.


The DPS Student Board of Education, enhances the performance of our schools by promoting student voice and leadership, building powerful relationships among students and between students and adults, creating a positive environment, and fostering our school and district goals.

Challenge 5280

Throughout the school year, Student Board of Education leaders engage in implementing change through Challenge 5280, a student leadership competition. Students develop innovative policy arguments to make their school communities more equitable, and, in turn, to advocate for social justice.

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