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When students discover their core strengths and apply them to their own communities using our action civics model through our Student Voice & Leadership (SVL) programs, school cultures and learning environments are transformed.

Expanding Opportunities

Student Voice & Leadership

Research has demonstrated that when student voice is centered, students achieve greater academic success and increase their engagement within their school communities. Since 2013, DPS has invested in a number of priority initiatives to increase student voice and leadership opportunities for high school students, including The Student Board of Education (SBOE), Challenge 5280, and the Young African American Latinx Leaders (YAALL).

Building Blocks

Our Action Civics Model

Action civics is a curricular approach that centers student voice, expertise and civic participation. In action civics, students identify and research a social justice issue relevant to their lives, conduct systematic research to understand the problem, develop a policy solution, and communicate a call to action for public audiences.

DPS Student Voice & Leadership


Young African Amercian & Latinx Leaders

Young African American & Latinx Leaders is a student led organization that addresses the systemic inequalities in DPS that perpetuate the school-to-prison-pipeline through direct action, policy reform, and encourage their peers to grow as Education Justice leaders.

Student Board of Education

The Student Board of Education is a district civic engagement youth leadership program that equips students with the skills to research and advocate for sustainable youth-led policy solutions to address social justice issues impacting their school communities.

Challenge 5280 is a bi-annual showcase and youth-led summit in which students participating in SBOE, YAALL, and other affiliate SVL programs. Student leaders present their policy solutions, facilitate educational workshops and generate a call to action for adults partners.

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